Shaving cream

First, make sure the area to be shaved is clean. Inspired by tradition, dip the brush in your washbasin, filled with hot water. When soaking the brush bristles, these take in water, which is important for foaming. Wet the beard. Take a nice long shower, or you can soak a towel in hot water and apply it on the face. If you do use a towel, wet your face two or three times. Saturating it with warm water makes your beard soft and supple, and so, easier to cut. Load the brush with enough Sir Fausto’s Shaving Cream to saturate the bristles and start whipping the shaving cream until a slightly more aerated foam is created . Add water if necessary. Apply on the face, moving the brush in small circles. Do not be afraid of overextending. The goal is to completely lubricate the skin, beard and pores, which will make your shave much more comfortable.