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Our Barbers

We are convinced that the man of today has put aside a certain rusticity that characterized him only a few decades ago, giving way to a more caring, attentive to his needs, identity-defined and self-confident man.

We do not mean to say that trends and fashion do not affect or influence man’s aesthetics, but rather that he takes references from them and adapts them to his own style. It is from this view that we conceive the modern man.

At Sir Fausto’s, we as a creative team do not intend to create archetypes of men, which are ultimately unattainable, but rather the opposite—starting from a personal image, we create a look that goes with its aesthetics and appearance. Our challenge is to create each man’s own style.

Origins drive our passion

This is the story of a visionary, a dreamer, a scholar who devoted his life to lovingly prying into the secrets of nature. His name was Fausto; his realm, the barbershop—in the days when being a barber involved the mastery of knowledge related to medicine, herbalism, chemistry...

At the beginning of the 19th century, he was enlisted by the British Army to serve in India, where he was captivated by the magic of the land—its ointments and lotions, the herbs and seeds used to craft them, the love poured into creating them, its rites... its eternal bond with the sacred.

Once back in London, and settled in the Borough of Chelsea, he opened an Indian steambath house and developed hair treatments and therapeutic massages in which he used his own strictly natural formulas made with amla, almond, aloe, soapnut, buttermilk, green tea, tea tree and bael. He also incorporated Mediterranean formulas, with valuable ingredients such as rosemary, camomile, thyme, birch, white nettle and calendula, and jasmine, sandalwood, musk and rose essential oils.

His fame soon spread all throughout London, and the British royal family started taking his baths and using his products. This was how he became exclusive barber to King Edward VII and his son George V, who, once crowned king in 1911, knighted Fausto in appreciation for his services, thus bestowing upon him the title of ‘Sir’.

Shortly afterwards, Sir Fausto met Lady Sophia, whom he fell in love with. Her father was English, and her mother Argentine.

Soon after, she travelled to Buenos Aires, but Sir Fausto, unable to forget her, resolved to go after her, leaving titles and honors behind. They met in Buenos Aires, a city that also conquered him, and he decided to stay in Argentina.

There, he discovered the excellent properties of the quinoa, lapacho, carob tree, jacaranda, ombu, salvia, aloe vera and rose hip, among other plant species, so he settled in the city and resumed his trade. Together with his wife, they opened their first barbershop, where they used their master formulas for the therapeutic treatment of the skin and hair.

And just as everything in life is fleeting, so are the lives of men... But their knowledge and dreams live on.

Sir Fausto’s formulas were lovingly preserved by Lady Sophia, named after her wisdom, who after her husband’s departure continued his work. She, in turn, kept producing, using and even enhancing his formulas for various cosmetics and, in time, also passed them on to her descendants.

This wonderful story of wisdom and love inspired us in such a special way that we wanted to preserve their essence and spirit in each of the products we develop, in honor of their knowledge and life.

Sir Fausto
Sir Fausto
Lady Sophia

Old Culture is a return to tradition, to the legacy we inherited from Sir Fausto, which inspired us to build upon the origins of old custom. These teachings, knowledge and respect influenced us to carefully select each of the natural ingredients that make up Sir Fausto’s Barbershop product line.

We also wanted to convey this philosophy in the design and aesthetics of each product we develop, individualizing them through freehand style and unique and exclusive drawings, which reflect the uniqueness and essence of this movement.

For this reason, and in honor to tradition, we can say that the Exiline Old Culture movement is about knowledge and respect. It is about earnestness and verifiable quality.It is about passion inspired by history.


At #sirfavstolab we seek to recover and reclaim that space devoted to the care of man, for those who wish to receive more than a haircut. A unique experience of care and relaxation, where our professionals strive to empower the style of each man. This is why we have decided to offer an integral and exclusive service to those who stop by Sir Fausto’s Lab.

Caring for man—caring for you—is our greatest challenge.

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